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A beekeeping robot, a beekeeping electro-mechanical assistant, or a connected apiary ?

If you do not know the world of beekeeping, you will be surprised to discover how this primary activity area is a concentrate of all ages, from all origins, which blends ancestral traditions with resolutely contemporary concepts.

I do not know of any other area in which you can quote an 80-year-old country beekeeper who knows only what his own grandfather has taught him and next to him a 20-year-old city-dweller convinced that our fate is close linked to that of bees, between know-how, conviction, craft and flavor!


I wish you well in the beekeeping of the future :)

No electronic bee or hive connected, no there is no question of replacing what makes the charm and quality of beekeeping!

Here we are talking about assistance, help on repetitive and laborious tasks that each beekeeper implements throughout the year and more particularly from May to October.

I present the idea of ​​"apiary robotics assistant" !

A multifunctional robot that will help you on a daily basis, and especially on visits to hives:

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